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  1. Hello world! Im nelsongw and i hope i can meet every one of you. this is one of the best servers ive found.:D
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  2. Welcome to the Empire!! I'm glad you like it here, we try our best :)
  3. Welcome to EMC. Be sure to read the Empire Guide if you haven't already.
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  4. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  5. Welcome to the empire please take your complementary bacon soap
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  6. indeed, best server ever :)
  7. In this universe at least.
  8. Welcome to the most courteous server in the minecraft universe. Try to remember you get what you give!
  9. Unless there was a parallel galaxy in which EMC was not just a server but a government, then that would be the best server
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  10. what if there is a universe where ICC and justin broke up and started two seperate empires?
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  11. We the people would join together to form a more perfect union and restore domestic tranquility :)
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  12. And if ICC turned out to be a war mongering dictator ?
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  13. We shoot TNT dischargers and heat rays: ICC's worst nightmares XD
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  14. Don't worry, Justin and ICC get along fine...;)
  15. Im not sure a guy and a cow would get along
  16. In this universe sure... but not in the universe where justin cut off ICC's arm.
  17. what if the guy is a farmer :p
  18. He still touches the cows utters.... which might be awkward for them both.
  19. *sigh* I turn around and leave
  20. (gets in 900x speed of light spaceship and flys to universe and back) Yeesh, ICC and Justin both had 1/2 of smp1, Justin had smps 2,4,6,8,utopia (which became dystopia) and ICC had 3,5,7,9 and was about to take over smp 8