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  1. Just thought I'd say hi - new to minecraft, and found empire after some research about servers. I play a lot of warhammer and my tag is NurglesRott for everything, from xbox to dawn of war, as well as on many other forums. I started making a house on server 2 cause the other one was full, so hopefully it will be a lot of fun! I am already having some trouble with portals though - wanted to make a portal way far off into the nether so I can mine some glowstone out there, but when I went through I ended up in the wilderness instead of somewhere cool, like my house in town... and when I went back through I ended up at a portal above the spawn point in the nether, instead of my portal! :( The empire guide isn't very specific on how portals work, so hopefully it's something that I can figure out pretty soon. Nice to be here!
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  2. Welcome to the empire. Here somthing thats should help you with portals

  3. Thanks, but I already read the entire Empire guide and it's just not specific enough on what happens with portals outside of the town. Like I said, when I made a portal while I was in the nether, I came out through a portal in the wasteland... which is perfect, and exactly what I was expecting. BUT, when I stepped back through the wasteland portal, I ended up coming out of the portal which was hovering above the spawn in the nether, rather than the one I had originally created. :(

    I would like to be able to use a portal to fast travel between the nether and the wasteland, like you would in single player games. Ideally, I would also like to be able to name a portal I created in my house in town with a sign that says "my Nether home" and have it take me into the nether, far far away from the spawn point, to another portal I had created. That way, I can mine further away from everyone else and get back home quickly. Anyway, I guess it might not be something that is easy to implement or JustinGuy would have already done it. :p