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  1. Hello, I'm pretty new to empire minecraft, I play on smp8, I have a small shop. I don't make much money, but if you're ever on smp8 please do /v K_Puppy and check out my shop. I would love to have regular costumers.
  2. What do you sell and welcome!
  3. The question is what breed are you?
  4. real question... cats or dogs... and welcome
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  5. I like cats!
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  6. good choice
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  7. I have 3 cats atm but i used to have 4 but it got snatched by a coyote :(
  8. How sad. I feel sorry for you.
  9. Btw, I'm "myComputerian"
  10. Wat
  11. My, Computarian! I come from my computer!