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  1. Hiya :D
    I am Hamilton .. newbie on Minecraft and I want to learn stuff about Minecraft,I have my own server and stuff but all I have done is play in creative mode! so maybe this will be fun :D Ill be looking forward to seeing you guys :> Untitled.png
  2. Welcome! How did you hear about Empire Minecraft? I hope you have a great time on this server!
  3. I just searched "Minecraft servers" and went onto http://minecraftservers.net/ and there you was :D great logo btw :> .. now I just need to find out how to get the live map up
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  4. Go to the Servers Tab/Click on you server/Click on the live map button
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  5. You're this new and you already know about the live map? :D You're going to go far, kid! Welcome to EMC. Hope you enjoy it here. The Empire is really well run with heaps of contests you can get involved in :) Just check the front page for whatever big event is going on at the moment.
  6. Thanks Hayley and Bob :D
  7. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  8. Welcome Hamilton, and Bob, I think your siggie is getting out of hand ;)