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  1. Hey! hows it going?
  2. good you?bwt welcome to EMC
  3. I'm Doing Great, Welcome to EMC!
  4. Welcome to EMC! And yeah I'm doing awesome :D
  5. Hey everyone thanks for the replies
  6. np, happy to help
  7. hello! welcome to the Empire! :) it is seriously awesome here!
    .. and it is going great, ya'know .... harvesting melons, killing chickins with a seriously vindictive machine called the "chickin itza" ;) (margaritte) :)

    aaaaaaand building stuff so high you can't even see the ground. w000t
  8. hi tim! any idea what server you're gonna reside on?
  9. nope not yet I'm going to ask the friend who told me to sign up to play with him
  10. try SMP2! its the best one! ;)
  11. Hey I'm new to mine craft and I can't stop playing!!!!!!
  12. hi to u too, but this thread was made by tim and u could start your own thread :p