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  1. Hi my name is yoepicpie, in Empire Minecraft my lot is a big building, i have a small shop on the first floor of my building available to the public, i also have two portals outside my building available for free public use. and i also have a shelter that people can live in for free, because everyone needs a home. the entrance to the shelter is on the top floor of my building, the entrance takes you underground where the shelter is, there is two sleeping rooms, each one has 3 beds in it, in the left sleeping room there is also a crafting table, with a chest next to it with items to use for crafting, please only use what you need. there is another room in the shelter with emergency items available for people to take, again, ONLY TAKE WHAT YOU NEED! also the exit from the shelter is through a hallway and up a ladder, you will have to click a lever to get through the door to get outside, there is two doors you have to open to get out, please close the doors behind you! i dont want anyone going in through the exit, thats why the levers are in the inside of the exit, not the outside, the exit is at the back of my house, thanks for reading and remember, my shelter is available for people to live in for free! Also, if you want furniture by your bed, you do have to give me rupees to buy it, but furniture is optional. have a nice day!!!
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  2. A belated welcome to you! Sounds like you've really gotten off to a good start. Hope you continue to enjoy yourself!