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  1. Hi i'm KHogan24, I met someone named Alice5399 on smp1 and I consider her a good friend now, I haven't seen her in a few hours and am concerned, if you see her please tell her I am looking for her, and please reply here letting know she is ok, thanks.
  2. Hey there. Chances are she just went offline for a bit. Try doing "/p Alice5399" every hour or so to see if she's on another server.

    The most likely explanation is, she has to sleep or has other real life obligations. Nobody can play 24 hours a day. ;)

    Oh, and welcome to the Empire. :)
  3. Welcome to the Empire!
    Remember, if you need any help, /assist is an incredibly useful thing to remember.
  4. that is really nice of u!

    u probably know this but: here is her profile page. u can follow her (thats always a nice thing to do, even if ppl dont use the forums!) and u can also PM her (start conversation, see button on ur left when looking at the profile?). she may not use forums but if u pm then she probably gets an email from EMC to warn her about ur message.

    u can also send her a message in the game. get book & quill (book u can write in), then use /mail send alice5399 and add the book u wrote. its free too (for books, u can also send other stuff).

    where to get book&quills? shops (not /shop!) but i really like ur message so much (its really sweet!) so when i get online in a few hours im gonna send u some empty book&quills which u can use ^.^
  5. Welcome to emc.
    I hope you find this as a awesome- no an EXDROIDANARY server :D

    If you need anything I can try to help I'm on smp3 or smp1 most of the time ;)
  6. Hi! Welcome to EMC, hope you enjoy your stay. :cool:
  7. Welcome to EMC
  8. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  9. Hi KHogan. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  10. Thanks so much for the kind words.