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  1. hi checkout my ship at 1303 on smp1. I have cat eggs
  2. You have a ship with cat eggs in it? :p Or do you mean a shop hehe.
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  3. shipshop maybe?
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  4. Sounds tiptop to me.
  5. awesome so its like a sea shop that is moving?!
    and it has cats in it?! :p
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  6. Haha! Sry i didnt realize that! Im on my nook so i cant spell good!
  7. What's a nook? lol, serious question this time.
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  8. But i do have a SHOP with cat eggs.

    Check out my res. I have a trapdoor elevator. Vote if you like it on my thread.
  9. You dont know what a nook is! It is an e- reader but i dont read on it LOL
  10. Oh I seeeee. Like an iPad or a Tablet?
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  11. Ya but it has bad games on it
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  12. Honestly, although this is offtopic, I'd root the Nook. You'll get the entire Android Market. Quite an useful device once you've done that.
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  13. True but i dont like angry birds not when its $3
  14. How did my res turn into a nook
  15. This is wweird
  16. How do u know i dont have a ship!!!!!???????
  17. Dude whats with the quadruple posting? Just click 'edit' :)
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  18. Well it keeps this tread active
  19. Hello who wants an enchated diamond sword. Tell me what enchatetment and ill do it
  20. Well anyome?