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  1. I am new and i hope you will learn to like me I am a red stone geek I like table tenise and minecraft I am on steen I pay tf2 sims 4 wot (wold of tanks) ow I love the emc
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  2. Ping pong is super fun :)
    And hello :p
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  3. Thank you
  4. Welcome to EMC! Hope you enjoy your stay. :)
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  5. Welcome to the Empire TeckNet. Lots of great people to get to know. Enjoy your stay. :)
  6. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  7. Thank you
  8. Hello and welcome to the Empire! I used to play World Of Tanks all of the time, great game :p Haven't played for a while, though...
  9. I know when I got in to the emc I just loved it so much I have not played on it
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