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  1. I an at residense 4454 on the smp2 server. I have an awesome lottery whare you won every time
  2. Hello, and welcome, since you're rather new. Though I have to ask... wouldn't a lottery where the player wins every time kinda lose you money?
  3. Not if value of said items were lower then the cost.
  4. Yeah, this is true, but then again I doubt too many people would play if they always won stuff worth less than the cost to play. *shrugs* Oh well. Reminds me of the crane machines with candy in them where you always win. :p
  5. I knew someone would ask that. You could get an awesome prizelike diamond or a suckish prize like stone
  6. So you can make money
  7. How is stone crap? Get lots of it, make it into stone bricks, and sell to D1223M.
  8. I think he means cobble stone
  9. Still. Get lots, sell it to D1223M. A easy 20R.
  10. Sure but depends on price of lotto , i have to go goodnight :p (but for real)
  11. Yes but only one piece. Would you consider that crap
  12. Seriously EvEn if the lotto costs 10r
  13. Yep. Its one more brick for a house. :)
  14. I found this one res where they sold a stack of cobble for15r
  15. Still y wouldnt you buy for cheaper
  16. Mrlegitislegit, I do believe you've never found a lemon you couldn't be proud of. I applaud you.
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  17. Thanks! Well, except for some lava in my res that I lost a diamond pick to....

    I'm on SMP3. D1223M sells almost EVERYTHING. (And also buys almost ANYTHING.)