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  1. I'm Robert, or Rob, or Bob. I live in Perth and I've almost finished university.

    I rarely play singlepayer anymore, so I spend most of my time in MC on a small server with a less than reliable admin. Since it's down, Auto invited me over and now I'm a resident.

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  2. Nice to have you! Let us know if you have any suggestions for the server.

    Edit: Also be sure to invite your other friends if they need new homes :)
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  3. Hey Rob! Welcome to the Empire. Like Justin said, if your friends need new homes, bring them on over. Only way I can see Justin or myself being unreliable is if we both suddenly (God forbid) died at the same time somehow. We're addicted to keeping people happy. :)
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  4. Oh sup bob.
  5. Welcome to the new joint.
  6. Hey man, just granted you 1,000 welcome rupees for making your intro thread. :) Enjoy
  7. glad to see you join the best god dam server ever... and umm hi lol
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