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  1. Hello! I'm 202animallover(please dont judge my name i got it when I went through an animal lover stage lol) I've played all versions of minecraft. Don't play PE anymore because I have the xbox version and pc... So yeah hi, I'm a big attack on titan fan. byeee :D
  2. Welcome to EMC!
  3. Wup! I too love animals! Some are very delicious!
  4. Nothing better than a roasted cat :D
  5. Nice to meet you :) I'm sure you'll love The Empie :D
  6. What do you like about Minecraft, and what do you prefer to do most in the game? I'm asking because this is a game you can play your own way.
    Anyway, welcome to Empire Minecraft.:)
  7. Welcome! You will hopefully find a nice spot in the community here!
  8. my favorite part about minecraft is would probably be the variety of things you can do! You can build so many things and it's just really cool :)
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  9. Welcome to EMC, and we are joined by yet another Anime fan. :D