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  1. I play on the server frequently I am mostly in the wild getting stuff so yea :)
    and maybe I may join some survivor groups maybe :)
  2. Hey (-: Glad to see you like going into the wild, many don't nowaday (-:
  3. Yea most of the time I see like 5 players on the live map :/
    I think Everyone should go to the wild for money and fun.
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  4. Yeah the Wild is a good time. It can be risky though, with all of those griefers and the odd person trying to kill you for your stuff. Just have to be cautious. :)
  5. yea it's risky once I spawned on top of my diamond mine (I got 11 diamonds so far in the mine) so I tried to find it i did but took about 2-4 days to find it :)