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  1. Hello! Welcome to the Empire! Which smp have you settled on? :)
  2. Haha, look at when they joined:p
  3. Oh lol, I never seem to check dates anymore (except for spoilage at work).
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  4. Hello and welcome!
  5. PEANUTS! I love peanuts. :3
  6. Hiiiiiiiiii :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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  7. Welcome! :D
  8. Hello.

    Just kidding Hiiiiii
  9. Hey Welcome to The Empire!
  10. welcome person to the best minecraft server EVER!!!
  11. Smp1
  12. Hello and welcome.
  13. Welcome to... Aikar Land... Er Emc
  14. K guys... He been here over a year...
  15. Ya I know everyone's like welcome to the empire! Lol
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