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  1. hi my account is new to EMC but i have played a few times are aremil when my friend asked me to so i may already know some of you but i thought that it was time to start using my account
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  2. Welcome to the Empire, new alt! :)
    Read the guide ( I think you already have )
  3. aremil is the alt this is my primary account that i use on server i want to stay on. But Thanks for the warm welcome
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  4. Welcome to the server and to the forums! Hope you enjoy yourself here, and I hope to see you in-game.
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  5. Hello, welcome to EMC! Have a great time!
    (Hey, even alts need welcomings like normal players!)
  6. Welcome! Enjoy, and read the guide. By the way, whatever JackiBiggin says, it's a lie. He's planning to take us all over, I say. ALL OF US!
  7. I've run out of witty responses... Blame IcecreamCow
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  8. BLAME JACK! *puts on second tinfoil hat*
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  9. Ive seen you on smp1 :p