hi what is up

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  1. new to this insane server ant it has hooked me one of few that has good sigh i will stay a long time
  2. Welcome to the empire read the guide!, don't listen to Joshposh70, don't take food from roblikescake or bobthetomato and you'll be fine
  3. Welcome to the Empire! If you're on SMP5 (Server 5) I can help you out: 10417. My res. Hope you have a great time playing on EMC! And don't forget to read the Empire GUIDE
    Clicking on the green text will direct you to it! Its a beginners friend and guideline! Also check out the forums from time to time for giveaways, news about EMC and community events (such as Top 5 Creations) and more!
    If you are new too Minecraft you may also want to check this out: CRAFTING4NOOBS
  4. welcome! good to have new faces, and don't listen to nole972 and you'll be fine
  5. Welcome to EMC! I hope you do stay here a long time!
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  6. Welcome to the Empire! d=:D=b
  7. Welcome and enjoy your stay!
  8. Welcome to the empire!
  9. Welcome to the Empire!! :) we like it here and we hope you do too. Make sure you give the guide a read cos it will likely answer any questions you have. If you can't find the answer feel free to ask in the game and we will try help you out.
  10. just don't anger us...
  11. Welcome. Grab some cake and some Milk. Its gonna be a wild ride!
  12. thanks guid is very helpful
    wonder if i should build a skyscraper

    also my plot # is 10313
  13. made a signature
  14. -
    Welcome to the Empire! I'm sure you will enjoy it here! One quick thing though... Not to be a nag or come off nasty but your not allowed to advertise other servers on EMC... So just for your own safety I would remove that YouTube clip from your signature!
    Anyways on a happy note; What do you most enjoy doing in Minecraft? I personally like building nice things that are neat and don't show the messy bits such as redstone... Why not come check out my residence? I live on SMP4 at residence 9088, you can visit it by logging into SMP4 and typing /v 9088
  15. thanks for tip can i show pics from other servers
  16. uuum i can't log on it says i haven't registered help
  17. nice house how ling it the to build
  18. Hey i just met you, and this is craaaazzzyyyy but welcome to the empire, a ruppe maybe?