Hi warm, chatty people, i am pateraterick

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  1. hi, as u can c, i am pateraterick. i thought empirecraft will be a great server to settle after the full minecraft release, and my friend in school: cantiep45, introduce me to this server..

    even though i haven't been on it yet, i'v already introduce 2 of my friends to the server.
    ....the spawn question is hard( or is it)
  2. Awesome, welcome to the server, I have no doubt that you will enjoy tour stay here.

    as for the questions when you first join, thay are not hard if you take time first to read through the empire guide here:http://empireminecraft.com/guide/. Reading this would enable you to "ace" the questions and then you will be granted access to the towns.

    Welcome again, and if you need any help, I am only a message away :)

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  3. Welcome Pateraterick!

    I would recommend starting on smp2.EmpireMinecraft.com, as there are still many vacant lots there.

    Hope you enjoy the Empire. :)
  4. Time has long past .... But it feels like yesterday
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