Hi, trying to find out how to claim a residence.....

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  1. I'm sure many have asked this, but how..where to you put your claim number to start playing/using the online servers?
  2. You use the claim number with /claim while connected to the server that the residence is on.

    For example, if you were on SMP 5 in town and wanted to claim residence 10387 (though that's mine, so you can, but just for the example...), you'd type /claim 10387

    I'm thinking that you may have to be standing in that residence to claim it as well, so you'd want to /v 10387 first.
  3. Claim number? Do you mean res number? In order to play simply create an account online, and then join one of the servers. You will be sent through the tutorial and then you are introduced to the world.
    And if you meant res number, type /v open, then /res info. On the second line of text it will give you a four or five digit number. Then type /claim [residence number]
  4. To find a new reidence on a server, type /v open.

    Then a message will pop up telling you the res number and to type /claim 55555 (or any other number) if you'd like that plot of land. Press t to type the /v open and /claim commands.
  5. Man I wish people read the guide.
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