Hi This is me Nyjakx

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  1. I am a BF3 and Minecraft addict :D! I have a Xbox360 and a 15in. MacbookPro with 12gigs of ram.I have been on EMC for about 2 weeks now (or at least I think). I have a house design that I'm working on gathering resources for so don't ridicule my mushroom. You can find my plot on smp6 res #12314.

    Gamertag (xbox360) Nyjakx
    Mincraft Ign Nyjakx
    Steam Ign Nyjakx
  2. Welcome to EMC :)
  3. Yes i am glad you found out this awesome server. And i have 1 question how did you get here? Who told you about this server? It is awesome right.
  4. I was browsing servers and remembered an ad for this one and yes it is AWESOME.
  5. Welcome to the Empire!! I also love BF3 and make sure to stop by my shop at 8017 on smp4!
  6. Well that is good. Glad you found a good server to play on.