Hi there

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  1. nice name :p
    and take a look at my res on smp1 i hope you like it :)
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  2. welcome! i hope u have a great time
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  3. Hey I may swing by your res sometime :) Have fun :p
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  4. Thanks all :)
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  5. Nice signature ;-o
  6. Welcome To The Empire. What server will you take refuge on xD J/k. Well I live on smp2 (The BEST one of the lot)

    Hope to see you on smp2
    Squizzel_Boy :)
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  7. I have used the force to find res 11000 on smp5 :)
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  8. Hey welcome to the Empire hope u enjoy

  9. The achievment one? pm me if u want one
  10. Hey, welcome to the Empire. It's always nice to have such a lovely looking shop adorning our beloved server(s).
  11. No the shout haha
  12. I am your nighbor :D i hope u haz good time :D
  13. :)