Hi there :D

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  1. Welcome to EMC, hope you have fun here and enjoy it

    -sidenote- that nether gate is epic didn't know you could do that or have to install a mod to do that?
  2. hey guys sorry to say.. but i wont be playing on this server since i lack the ability to want to play minecraft.. ive played hundreds of hours on minecraft alone.. I just started on this server was gathering resources and fell in someones troll hole and died.. >.> i'm going to go back to playing league of legends.. also is there a way to deactivate this account?
  3. Oh no, that sucks that you fell in a hole like that. Had you claimed a plot in town yet? Don't give up on us that easy :)
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  4. Hey Message me! Ill give you a free iron kit! (BUT you must message me)
  5. Impressive buildings that you have made there... it's a shame to see somebody with talent like you leave EMC so early... we have a lot to offer. Jee, if you just spoke to IcecreamCow before this decision, he'd make you want to stay.

    Well, there are always open residences for people with great building talents like you. I love the boat, by the way :)

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  6. nice to meet you hope to see you around
  7. Welcome to EMC! Cool stuff you have uploaded to PMC :)
  8. "This is the... BUMP"