hi people

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  1. my minecraft name is shackerchains and i like to help people or give stuff. i also like to farm, go on adventures, kill mobs. i am also a shy person that does'nt want to have alot of attention. i was a old person on this server but got banned and returned and when i returned it changed and everything was gone some of my friends and my big rich house. but i like to help the people who are at need of assistance and also like to make new and meet old friends.
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  2. hey welcome to emc
  3. So... how was life back in 1901.
  4. Welcome (back?) to EMC! Which server do you spend your time on? Though I have a couple houses throughout the Empire, I spend most of my time on smp1 lot 623 so feel free to stop in and say hi. I like to donate to new members and those who need help too.
  5. i spended my time on this server called silentcraft server but it was unfair though