Hi new fellas

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  1. Hi there hes a little introduction of me

    So i come from Denmark, Im 18 years old,
    my birthday is 26-3-1993 so its soon my birthday :)
    i live in a city called Hvidovre
    My name is Jonas Saxtorph Seralius Petersen
    I play A lot of minecraft and i really enjoy making (Houses) (Castles) ETC. with in-game friends ;) i enjoy playing with other people aswell,

    Ive been playing minecraft For quite some time now,
    i build alot of structures in single player (Creative mode) its just that it can be boring since no one else can see what you've build-ed unless im posting my map on a forum or such, i read alot of Empire-Minecraft. and really enjoyed, (The rules and so on), Seems like we have alot of friendly players in here.

    So cya in-game and thanks for taking your time to read my (Post)

  2. Hello! Welcome to EMC! May I take your order.
  3. Welcome to the Empire Jonas :) I hope you enjoy your time here! That's awesome that you are from Denmark! If you have any questions or queries the empire guide is your best friend, but most players including myself are willing to help out with any questions that might be a bit trickier
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  4. I thank you guys for your support :) will report back if i run into something, Thanks

  5. Welcome Jonas!

    Hope you love the EMC!