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Should D3RP300 Reveal on why he got banned from another server?

Poll closed Sep 20, 2013.
Yes 15 vote(s) 88.2%
No 2 vote(s) 11.8%
  1. Ok as soon as I got banned from one of my favorite PVE servers, I started to look at other servers on google, i found this server on minestatus.net and I thought I joined, but i just joined and I dont know any thing about this server and i hope I see you guys and gals on the server :)
  2. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here. If you don't know anything about the server then check out the wiki. It should have all of the information you need.
  3. :cool: Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
  4. Thank you for the warm welcome and I might answer on why I got banned from another server tomorrow or sunday.
  5. I think you should keep that to yourself, it'll start you off with a fresher image :p

    Welcome to the Empire!
  6. Just to be honest, the ban was kinda meant to be revealed because I got banned for no reason... Oh wait spoilers, but I will say the full reason for my ban on sunday.
  7. Well like I said you're getting yourself off to a rough image on your first few days by doing that, I wouldn't :/
  8. D3RP if you would like to say why u got banned I think that that might actually show good courage to be honest with us cause if u go in and say i got banned from another server so now I'm here it would make us all respect u if u told the reason :) Also make sure u read the wiki xD or else u might be in the wild and get freaked out xD :p And welcome to the Empire!
  9. Derpity Derpy O3o
  10. Hmm... looks like you're new here... :p

    Anyway, welcome to the Empire!
  11. most people keep quiet about bans, you must of gotten banned for no reason or your just stupid either way +respect
  12. Ok, the votes are in, time to reveal!
  13. I got banned from another server for ''Giving out false information out in the chat'' but there is no rule that says you can't give out false information out and I didn't say any false information in the chat. I might give you guys the link to my ban appeal.
  14. Hi Welcome to the Empire! You can visit me at 3660 On Smp2 or any of my others :)
  15. Well I'm playing on Smp1 but I can try and play on the others.
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