Hi, it's been a while

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Gap542, May 30, 2015.

  1. Just wandering around for old times sake. Wanted to say hi.
  2. Hi Gap. :)
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  3. Ooh Gap, I was wondering where you went! Hey there :)
  4. Hey there! Just went on around, no internet or computer for a while.
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  5. Welcome back!
  6. Hello. How have you been? Glad to see you popping in =)
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  7. How've you been? :)
  8. Hello Gap. :)
  9. I've been great! Enjoying life. Graduated two days ago from High School and turned 18 May 10th.

    Got a new laptop as graduation gift for university but a little of other stuff won't hurt :)

    Don't really know much what to say... I'm considering playing minecraft for a while seeing it'll run very smooth on my laptop(hopefully, haven't tried playing anything yet) so you guys might see me here from now on. I guess that's pretty much it, there's probably more stuff but that's what comes to mind at the moment.
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  10. Happy belated birthday! I played on a laptop in college so hopefully yours works. =)
  11. Thanks!! ^^ Hopefully this one is good enough

    I've got a question.. I can use any 1.8.x to play on EMC, right? Just wanted to make sure as I'm downloading the game right now.
  12. They should work, yes. Let me know if you have any problems though.