Hi, im still kinda new.

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  1. only played for 2 days.

    fun server but now i cant join


    now im rly bored as i wait and wait and wait till i can join again.
  2. Yeah the new 1.3 update has that effect on some people. But Welcome to the Empire. (HA Jack I beat you :p)
    Don't forget to read the GUIDE and mostly importantly, make sure to have fun. Talk to friends, and be active on the forums because you can get free rupees(sometimes), discussions on issues, news, have a fun time, and get more info on EMC.
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  3. Haha, you beat Jack!
    Yes, welcome to the empire, where you will meet friends, create epic things and... I'm done, whatever.
    Read that guide, it will help you with all your questions! It's basically the guide to the empire galaxy!
  4. Don't worry man, it's extremely rare that the server is down for this long, it is usually back up in a matter of minutes. As ICC (Admin of this server) said, it's actually the game not the servers, because trust me, the servers are extremely well maintained. So don't lose hope, it'll be back soon! And welcome to EMC, I don't believe I welcomed you before :p
  5. on MC Status our server is up 99.74% :p. Those downtimes are when we were updated or restarting server LOL
  6. Welcome to EMC! :D Servers are down again but that's across the board. :)