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Should i try 2 become a moderator or not?

Yes 1 vote(s) 7.7%
No 6 vote(s) 46.2%
Your Choice 6 vote(s) 46.2%
  1. This server has changed minecraft for me, permanently, and i love this server so much. I would like to be on this server 4 eva, but. It sometimes gets boring 4 me 2 do. I might want to serve justice on this server?
    Plz Vote or Comment yes or no whether i should try and bring justice or not. Thanks from
    Still smiling, Mrsmiley99 :D
  2. There isn't much trying involved in becoming a moderator. The easiest way to become a moderator is to be yourself. If you think your only chance to become a moderator is to try to become one, you probably aren't ready to be a moderator yet.

    There is always time, though.
  3. As a new moderator, all I can say is is I hope you know what you're getting into

    If you want to be a mod, and are chosen, that's great! But don't expect it to be a free pass to do whatever. You need to help others, be vocal, and resist certain temptations, lest you be labeled a tyrant.
  4. green, in your sig, does it meen value there skin? so if its a full diamond body, there rich? and if its a human, their nothing? :p
  5. I know you're just bustin' my chops, but I'll explain anyways: I meant character as in their personality, not their actual skin choice :p
  6. oh, so its a racial thing? I didnt realise you could choose your skin color
  7. Character is the gauging of somebody's true self based on how they act when they know they are being watched and comparing that to how they act when they think they will have no repercussions.
  8. Also, to add to green_Mystery even as a mod if you grief ect you can still be banned. Mods are trusted people but they are still not above the law, they only enforce it. Just like normal police officers in IRL.
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  9. lol I know im just trolling
  10. Being a mod is not about fun. So wanting to be a mod because you are bored of playing on the server, is a very bad reason to want to be a mod.

    Honestly if you are gettin bored your mind is telling you to take a break from the game and go do something else.
    Not only that but if you are just sitting there bored in game, you are taking up a spot for someone that could be having fun
  11. thats why people who want to always have fun donate :p
  12. No, i dont want to 4 fun, i want to 2 keep justice on the server, i thought i made this clear.
    Maybe smiling, Mrsmiley99
  13. maybe a step up in maturity, dont use numbers for words :p, such at "for" or "to", I know I dont type perfectly, but my spell check dosent work on the forums but I still try my best and re-read what I type aswell as correct myself.
  14. Making a big deal about trying to be a moderator is never a good idea. You don't decide- the Senior staff do.
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