hi i'm shadowmaster159

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  1. can anybody tell me how to join a server?
  2. Go to the servers tab and click which one you would like to live on.
  3. well when you go to the add server button while on minecraft multiplayer pick a name for the server it can be anything you want then when you put in the address it is smp ( 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9). <-- pick any one of those numbers and only one, so the server address will be smp#.empire.us the # is for what number you use though when adding the server address don't leave the #.
  4. Go into Minecraft
    Click 'Multiplayer'
    Click 'Direct Connect'
    Type in 'smp2.empire.us' and hit Enter
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  5. And welcome to EMC! ;D
  6. Put SMP1.empire.us in the box. We have SMP 1-9, and a "Utopia" for supporters. Welcome to the Empire!