Hi im optikarray

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  1. Hi all, my name is Chris and I'm from New Zealand.
    I have only just started playing minecraft about a week ago when my mate told me to play, he then showed me this server, looks real nice so far cant wait to build something awesome.
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  2. Hey, welcome to EMC! I hope you have an amazing time here! :D

    Remember, most questions are answered in either /help or at http://empire.us/guide - so make sure you read them before asking. :)
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  3. my name is chris too!!!!! :D what is your main server?
  4. Welcome mate! Yea, one of the best servers around! Join SMP1 that's where all the cool kids are at :p
  5. im on smp3 btw
  6. nah im on smp2, thats where my mate is
  7. That's too bad, but yea man I'm telling you, you'll really like the server.
  8. Welcome to EMC!

    SMP2 has a really active economy, I also live on it. Remember to at least get some leather armor before heading into the wild.
  9. Dang IT Jack, you beat me too my ritual of new members ;)
    Anywho, welcome to EMC Chris. Hope you have a great time here, and don't forget to be an active member in the forums, where new ideas, news, community events, discussions, funny things, and rupee promos are held.
    I'm IamSaj, so if you need anything, and you see me in-game, feel free to ask me or check the Guide. :)
  10. Welcome to the Empire! You will love it here! :D
    Have you decided what Smp you will be claiming a lot on?
  11. thanks all, looking forward to getting to know everyone and being a active member in the comunity
  12. Welcome to the Empire! d=:D=b