Hi im NoobMan64

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by NoobMan64, May 21, 2012.

  1. I'm New to this empire. My friend DOTD1997 introduced me to this game he said that it was really fun. I just bought this game and downloaded minecraft and my skin is the amazing Batman.

    I hope to get along with everyone one this game!!
  2. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! I hope to see you in-game and I hope you enjoy it here :D

    If you ever want to, lets mine together! :D
  3. sure i will go mining together i will log in to smp8 hope to see u!!
  4. Ok, maybe tomorrow, K? Its late where I live and I have school tomorrow (ugh XD ).

    Oh, and I can supply basic tools, like iron tools and some torches + food since you just joined :D

    I may be able to give them to you now if you are on smp8 right now
  5. Thanks.
  6. Im right behind you with lots of items :D
  7. Welcome to our wonderful community! :)
  8. thank maybe we can go mining toghter
  9. Welcome to the greatest Minecraft community out there.
    Enjoy your stay! :D
  10. Welcome to the Empire! :) Enjoy your time here!
  11. Welcome to the Empire!! I hope you enjoy this place as much as all of us do :)
  12. Told you people would welcome you :3

    Welcome to EMC. Luckily i found those two residences right next to each other for you and meh :p
  13. Haha, I saw his avatar and thought "another of MR2R2M's alts, great.."
    Then I read the post and realized that it probably wasn't :p
  14. Nice! Welcome to EMC! :D I spend most of my time on smp2 and if you want to you could help me mine or something! Right now anyone with the word "Noob" in they're username get's a discount at my shop! :3