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  1. Hellllllo! :D
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  2. welcome to the forums and prepare for "welcome to emc" posts
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  3. [INSERT "welcome to emc" POST HERE]

    Welcome to EMC, Aemilea! Make sure you read the guide, and you can always ask the staff for help!
  4. Welcome! The easiest way to earn rupees, besides logging in and voting, is to get some saplings and farm them for wood and charcoal to sell. If you are feeling adventurous, go to the wild, harvest sand to make glass and sell that too. If you don't want to manage your own shop, you could sell to your local mega mall. There are a ton of things to buy, make and sell. Just find what appeals to you. Hope that helps :)
    You are welcome to sell to me and korgoroth at our shop on smp5, which is a nice friendly server, BTW. It's /v korgoroth to visit us.
  5. Hai dere! Never seen you around, I guess you don't play much on smp2 :p
    To answer both your questions, you can sell items at 4266, on smp2, you get rupees fast and it's quite a nice shop :D
    Btw, I like your name :)
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  7. There I was, editing your post to have a fixed quote... and you deleted it! :(
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  8. Multiquoting.
    Thank you for doing that, it bugs me when people don't lol.
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  9. Yes, those are all easy to produce items that generally are in high demand. Not too many shops buy charcoal, though, most just stick with coal, but if you set up your own chest shop, people will usually buy it because it works just like coal.
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  10. Also don't forget about the new Frontier Wild/Nether coming with our update to 1.5 :)
    A perfect chance to start mining I feel.
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  11. Smp1 is by far the best server. :p
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  12. Hi there. Welcome to Emc.

    All the servers are the best but the less filled servers have a less touched wilderness. Smp1 has good people but a CROWDED wilderness.Some other ways to get started is to join a wild outpost.
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  13. Welcome to EMC :D Maybe i will see you around SMP7 Sometime!
  14. Welcome to the Empire! Feel free to stop by smp7 and say hello, we're normally quite friendly :)
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  15. Quick way to earn rupees - Vote for EMC. You get 400R a day, which stacks up real fast. Speaking of stacking up, if you vote enough days in a row, you get extra ₹. (Heh, that looks cool. Indian Rupee sign).

    About shops - SMP1 and SMP2 tend to have the best shops as far as I know. However, SMP1 shops change A LOT because every megamall owner gets themselves banned somehow. :p

    Anyway, thanks for flying Empire Minecraft, and again, welcome!

    (By the way, cool name. I like Amelia/Amy/any other derivative.)
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  16. welcome! :D
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  17. Hahahaha....hahaha... Lolol. You drive me batty. Oh my.
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  19. Hello and welcome to the forums, friend!
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