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  1. Is there an easy way to get sticks on smp9? I need help...
  2. When you started the game you should of started with saplings, and bonemeal. Unless they changed it. Just grow the saplings with the bonemeal (or wait) and chop 'em down for wood. then do the process and make sticks. Or go to peoples shops and buy wood/woodplanks. ( I don't think people sell sticks, very often.)
  3. Plant the sapplings on your lot, grow them, then make sticks! Or you can buy them. :)
  4. Also on the right side of your screen on the EMC home page you will see a link for "Minecraftopia". This may useful to you.
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  5. Welcome to the Empire! d=:D=b
  6. Welcome.

    Go to the wilderness; /wild

    Punch a tree, get a wood log.

    Put it in crafting, get 4 planks.

    Put 2 planks in crafting - one above the other - get sticks.
  7. ok, thx, but i died, and lost all of my stuff. I know i can go to the wilderness to gat some, but, as i said, i lost all my stuff, like my axe, my pickaxe, sword, and shovel. Even a diamond helmet.
  8. (I know i can go to the wilderness to gat some) Sry, i mean get some.
  9. Welcome!!! Ill see when I can get online and give you free stuff!!
  10. cool, thnx.
  11. Hi there and welcome!

    Although I'm sure it's disappointing/ frustrating/ etc. to die, you can recover pretty easily! Since your just a baby on these servers I would suggest staying as close as possible to the wild spawn points, and venture out just during daylight hours. If you utilize the live map, you can see where you are, as well as the time of day/ night in the wild and in the towns.

    Step 1: find a tree, punch it, get wood. Do this to 3-4 trees if possible-
    (be sure to take the ENTIRE tree down, all the wood, leaves, etc.... leaves will pop out saplings that you can take home and plant on your res where it's safe) :)

    Step 2: take your wood logs back to your res. put all of the logs into your crafting square on your character, and shift-click to turn them ALL into wood planks.

    Step 3: put a single wood plank into each of the 4 spots on your character crafting square to make a crafting table, and then plop this down on your res.

    Step 3: take 1/2 of your planks and put them in a lower corner of either the character crafting square, or your shiny new table. right click them to split that stack in half, and then place the other half directly above where you put the first half. you should see sticks in the "out-put" spot, shift-click them to turn all the planks into sticks, or right click if you only want a few.

    Step 4: make friends with http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Crafting
    - it shows you all the "formulas" for tools, armor, etc! If you happen to wander over to smp2, I'll be happy to provide you with some leather so you can make some basic armor to get started :)

    Step 5: have fun!!