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  1. ...when is the "JustinGuy" wall going to be down on SMP7?.. ...would love to see the Palace of EMC complete... ...just say'n...
  2. I have no idea :(
  3. your new yet your a diamond supporter... what if you didnt like the server?
  4. ..sorry.. ...new to the Introduce yourself section
  5. That's impossible, EMC is the best minecraft server.
  6. its not the best server....
  7. Its the EPIC minecraft server
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  8. I have no clue when it will be done, but finally something AWESOME reated by JG will be their. :D
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  9. Haha. I've tried to install mods, they just wont. :(
  10. Use MagicLauncher, I couldn't install mods and now I can do this:
    2012-06-27_22.53.30.png 2012-06-27_22.55.07.png
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  11. that doesn't mean people always like multiplay 0.0
  12. If he doesnt like multiplayer server, why is he playing in one?
  13. How do you send stuff on empire Minecraft?
  14. Drop things using Q and go away
  15. How so?
  16. He double posted for dramatic effect.
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