hi im new to smp1 but i cant get in any tips?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bigassapple, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. im new on smp1 but i cant get in is there any tips you can give me? [bigassapple]
  2. Hello! Welcome to the Empire!

    What seems to be the problem? Did you enter the correct address?
  3. What does it say when you try to join?
  4. Welcome to the Empire :)

    Not sure what your question is? :D
  5. as they all say welcome =D and i think youre problem is that the server is ful there can only be 60 people in at the same time
  6. Welcome :) Hope you enjoy your time here! Once you've been a member for awhile (or right now if you want :p) you can solve your problem of not being able to get on a full server by becoming a supporter!
  7. *Unrelated, sorry*
    Hayley, how's the art going? :)
  8. At 4006? Slow, sorry. I've been so busy. I'm trying to keep a balance of all the projects I'm doing on EMC. I'm failing miserably. Plus, got some big assignments coming up for uni so they're going to take priority over everything. Sorry, Alex. I will get them done.
  9. Ahaha it's fine, I can't get on for another week, and I have a lot to do when I do get back on, including a new grinder :S
    So don't worry :p Take your time :D
  10. Thanks dude. Sorry, getting swamped. Might have to take a step away from MC/YouTube/Reddit/Internet for a week or so and get everything under control/get ahead on some stuff.
  11. Ahaha, sure; I think no MC is doing me some good :D
  12. I'll have to find the willpower to do it. I get far too easily distracted, and my mind always gets distracted back to here.
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