hi im new and one quck question

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by movoss, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. this looks really awesome its so alive here not dead site =] and i want to learn how to use live map

    how do i use it for my world ?
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  2. Click on the servers page at the top, click on the server that you go on, click the live map button.
    Also, welcome to the empire! :)
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  3. cool ty but i want to use for my world i want to see my world in 3d =p
  4. Thank you
  5. i love this program:)
  6. i love my profile pic =]
  7. I see we have a new villager! lol
    Welcome to EMC... I am the Mod on smp4 if you want to come say hi.... :)
  8. can i trade with you after 1.3:p
  9. lawl
  10. That was an easy quck question....
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  11. welcome to EMC :) If i may can i ask which Server have you taken residence on?
  12. Welcome to the community movoss. Please enjoy your stay and refer your questions to the Empire Guide and also use the forum search function before posting new threads. :)
    Not a poke at you, just a friendly heads up. This bit of information will make your stay much simpler for any future questions you may have that actually are covered there. ;)
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  13. Welcome to EMC :D Hope you love it here as much as we all do. Twitch is right about the Guide and the forums. Everything you need to know about everything EMC is located somewhere on this website and will help in making your experience here even more enjoyable.

    (P.S. Hey Twitch!! I haven't seen you around here in forever :O)
  14. Welcome to the Empire!!!