Hi im new and addicted :D

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Trev_Z_Stuff, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. just saying hi i join uo tonight and havent stopped playing im on server 2 :) kinda need a bit of help getting around the place tho
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  2. welcome to EMC. ill help you what smp d u play on?
  3. Welcome! I'm new myself, and am also addicted!

    Too bad we're on different servers or I'd help you out. I'm sure someone in this fine community will lend a hand.

    Good luck out there!
  4. Hey I live on smp2's residence 4373 why don't you come by at some point :)
  5. im on smp2 Trev_Z_Stuff's Residence
    Address: 4129 iv started my house i need fresh idears and buddys lol wud be good if we can combine a house together or sumthing
  6. I live at 3646 - smp2. Stop by anytime :) Happy to answer any questions you have.
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  7. If u need help on SMP1 im it guy!!
  8. Yeah if you ever need help just come by my Res and I will Help :)
  9. Welcome fellow addict :) I'm on SMP2, Home - 3406, Second Biggest Mall on The Server - 3423 :p Feel free to come along, ask me any questions you have and pick up any supplies. :)
  10. All these people offering help (-:
    This is why I love EMC.
  11. yeh its very helpfull im kinda stuck out in the wilderness i built a bit of a refuge hut but yeh .. im also donatein to be a gold member now :)
  12. Oh man haha. Good! You should! The Empire needs supporters (-: