Hi, I'm MrSmiley99 , this is my real introduction:)

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  1. I'm MrSmey99, I'm fun and exciting :) I go on alot, unless I am on holidays. I'm not too nerdy;) I talk about games like minecraft get excited, this is my first serious MC server , but I have Been on for ages! I like getting new friends and enjoy Making things with them :) I hope to see you all online!

    -MrSmiley99- :D
  2. I'm still better with the ladies.
  3. Im Gamerzilla2012 and this is my 30th message :p Trophy here I come!
  4. Wow you only just got that XD
  5. Lol@30

    Try 821 bro :p
    But really, use the forum more.

    And Welcome to the Empire (again) Mrsmiley99.
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  6. :D I have like 140 ;)
  7. Welcome to the Empire! Hope you enjoy your time here =).
  8. Hagan I've been Herefor ages :) over 3 months!
  9. I'll overthrow your post count someday.
  10. Welcome {again} zSlumDog :)
    u may allready no me
  11. i just gave you your 400th like XD
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  12. That post was made a few days ago. I have gotten about 100 posts since then. :p Maybe I can defeat Justin?
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