Hi Im Mini!

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  1. I Am very friendly and my real name is Martin so... Nice to meet you! My skype is minimaster18 yust so you know about me more in there! Il be honest i live in smp5 and i have a little res there but i tought moving somwhere else so someone comment where should i move to thanks!
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  2. Maybe smp10? :p no, smp1?
  3. I realy need a new smp because smp5 has no fun in it
  4. Not with me in to?
  5. smp1. Not mine, but a lot more fun(for now(mwah ha ha!))
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  6. smp9 would welcome ya
  7. Ok il go to smp9 tot live
  8. Don't you dare move there come to SMP4! :p
  9. Glad to have you, Welcome to the Empire.
  10. Welcome :)))))))) !! Go to the hyper smp9!
  11. im now officialy in smp9 :)
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  12. Mark You know your the smp5 only fun
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  13. really mini??
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  14. I dont know Retgool i yust said that smp5 is fun and people are fun hes not the only one you know :rolleyes:
  15. I was trying to make you laugh, that's all. I'm not angry ;)
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  16. I know:)
  17. smp2 is the nicest of all servers, don't believe? then come visit and we'll all prove it :)
  18. hes made his decision! dont change it!
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  19. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  20. You will still visit smp5 sometimes? although there is the awesome nonamesam, I will miss you...