Hi, I'm lucky I think.

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  1. Hypixie.PNG Hypixie-2.PNG Hi, I think the pictures explain it all.
  2. I highly doubt that it is actually hypixel.
  3. Want the IP in a PM?
    He's still on.
  4. Who is hypixel?
  5. Playing on a server other than EMC? e.e
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  6. Wat.

    Sorry for not responding earlier, I had to go.
    The IP has been sent, but I doubt that he is still there.
  7. Never heard of this "Hypixel".
  8. ...
    How can you NOT know who Hypixel is? He's the creator of Herobrine's Mansion, the Zombie City map and the owner of Hypixel.net. He's only the best map-maker ever.
    Vechs is a peasant compared to him.
    Um, why?...
    It's not a law to play on EMC and only EMC. Plus, EMC is kinda boring now. I just stick around for the forums. I need something else to do here, but I can't think of anything to do :confused:
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  9. cooltext994920444.gif
  10. wait his server is up?
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  11. Hypixel never played on EMC
    type /p hypixel, you get, "Could not find a player with the username hypixel"
  12. ^^^ THIS
  13. To sum up what Soul said, just not as rudely:
    HYPIXEL is the creator of a lot of adventure maps and texturepacks. He posts on youtube etc. so lots of little kiddies worship him like he's the best thing since sliced bread. I'd be careful posting Hypixel's site as he has a server,so that could be advertising. Also it could possibly be someone disguised as Hypixel due to the plugins they have that allow you to disguise yourself like we have Mob Disguise.
    This was not on EMC.
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  14. And what makes you think that this was on EMC?
  15. Credit to jackbiggin for telling me this a while back.

    Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 11.53.29 AM.png

    One of hypixel's server admins plays on emc :)
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  16. What do you mean 'not as rudely'? I didn't mean to be rude and it was less rude than
    "little kiddies worship him like he's the best thing since sliced bread".
    And since when did he have a server? 0-e