hi im kicker2004

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kicker2004, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. im a player who get banned for being afk and not saying it but i would like to start again
  2. I highly doubt you were banned for just going afk... (I'm on my phone so I can't check)

    Anyway, to appeal Forum PM the mod that banned you.
  3. it says you where banned for using x-ray mods and textures
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  4. Haha -- Always love the ones who lie about their ban reason! inbeforethelock :D

    And here I thought I was just going to get to say "hi" to a new member. Thanks for the laugh, buddy!
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  5. lol same thing margaritte
  6. Hi,Welcome to EMC.

    You should talk to a mod if you feel it's injustified.
  7. Can you imagine how that conversation would go?

    "Plox unban me! I didn't know it was wrong to use my X-Ray pack to snarf up all teh diamonds and find other players' bases and grief them up."

    or maybe,

    "Halp, my kid brother must have installed that texture pack on my machine. It was all his fault."

    Sometimes I really feel for our moderating/sr staff!
  8. I thought I was going to welcome a new player to lands of EMC. But then i'm faced with the task of reading a thread that is
    1) The wrong way to appeal a ban.
    2) The fact that there is a player lying about their ban cause. You were banned for x-raying, not being AFK lmao.
  9. If your going to lie, at least make up a good one. (Or don't in the first place.) You can't be banned for being away from the keyboard, you can only be kicked by the system.
  10. FYI, system idle kick is deactivated now unless the servers are full. Generally, you must try to contact the afk person, and then if they don't respond you need to /report them. Then a staff member will try to contact them, and will manually kick them if they are still unresponsive.

    With that in mind, don't just go trying to get random afk people kicked, only do that if you think they might be abusing a grinder/afk farming that is affecting the mob cap.
  11. Really? Huh. Thanks.
  12. If you legitimately wish to play on EMC again, send me a message in a private convo and we can discuss it, honesty required please.
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