Hi I'm KaitoZen

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  1. Hello i'm KaitoZen you can just call me Kaito

    All i need is a house and a place to explore on Minecraft, I tame the wolves when I can,
    I like animals I have 1 dog and take care of 3 more that belong to my family and my sisters cat.

    I like the nighttime not in some dark way or anything its just calm at night, to me anyways lol its a good time to use you mp3 walk and enjoy your time.

    I have the most wonderful boyfriend i actually met him on an mmo game weve been together for 2 years know each other longer than that.

    I like anime drawing sometimes and manga of course i like games too,
    I plan on making running my bff/sisters high school track a hobby along with visiting the library for books..
    I've been home schooled so id like to find something to do... and that's about it,
    hope we all get along well ^-^..
  2. First of all, I really love your icon. Rin's my favorite.
    Anyway, welcome to the empire! Let me know if you need any help : )
    I also happen to love drawing, it's nice to find fellow artists here.
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  3. Thanks for the welcome ^-^! I wanted to use the whole picture of her it said "I've got no arms to hug you with".
    Its cute, but i cut out the middle and used it instead. I didn't know if anyone here would find it offensive, cause not everyone plays Katawa Shoujo. Lol, What server do you use?
  4. welcome to empireminecraft:)
  5. Thank You!! ^-^
    Your all so nice here x)!
  6. thats our job to keep people happy:D
  7. Emi and Rin are my favs.I just find that song to be funny.
  8. Awww, Its nice to see that :). Normally when i join things people are not as friendly.
    I like this site/server so far :).
  9. Yayy!! Lol It is funny. I feel bad saying that though, cause shes burnt and its kinda bad.
  10. I get hungry for bacon after watching it.
  11. xD Lol. I have bacon o.o....
    But i'm not hungry atm o3o... I'd give u some but i'm guessing i'm nowhere near you lol.