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  1. Hi, I'm jbulette01, or jake. I play minecraft often, and this server is unique; it's maintained well, has good security, and it lets you have a fun community. The most awesome feature was the map. I was about to quit this server, traveling so long by water with no land appearing. The map showed me that there was land, so i kept traveling. One feature i wish this server had was pvp enabled, so that i could get people i didnt trust out of my house, without burning them with flint & steel; but overall this server is pretty nice. I often play factions, but i later found that i like community more. maybe because i get more allies, but idk. i keep switching from factions to community to factions to community. Just everywhere. I joined this server about i think 5 hours before i posted this, and im doing this for the in-game money, cuz i need my steaks. I would like to join a city or empire-town, whatever u call it, so tell me how i can join one of u as i am still traveling, meeting ppl as i go ;)
  2. Don't expect me to help with stuff, i'm still an EmperialCraft noob. instead of learning about most things, i've ventured for hours and plan to learn about things when i need to know them.
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  3. Hello and welcome to EMC! :]

    Remember that this is a non-PvP server, except for the PvP arenas at /v pvp on /server smp6. If you don't want players on your residence, you can set the flag to false, using /res set move false, or individually with /res pset [name] move false.
    You should already have a residence that you can build in at /town, which you can teleport to with /home. But if you are a wilderness kind of person, you can try to join one of the outposts in the Wilderness Frontier forums. I am sure that there would be a few outposts that wouldn't mind you joining :]
  4. Welcome to the EMC!!!
  5. Welcome to the Empire! :)