Hi, I'm harryizcool2 :D

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  1. Hey guys my name is harryizcool2 and I'm sorta new to the kingdom. I joined last week and played on SMP4 with my friend digimoto and I have now opened up a shop which you guys can drop by and take a look at anytime, my res number is 8974. Anyway digimoto is a great guy you should meet up with him in SMP4 if you have some spare time because he is a really friendly guy. I posted this out of curiosity of this website, this is the first time Iv'e been on it (asides from signing up) and I just wanted to post something :). I hope you guys have a great time on empire minecraft. peace out :cool:.
  2. Welcome to the Empire, Harry :)
  3. Welcome to the Empire!
  4. hey welcome! :{D