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  1. hi everyone who reads this I'm darkness656565 but my friends call me dark / darkness. I am a super happy person and very helpful. so if u guys ever need me I'll be ready to help. And I love making new friends on emc so to everyone : HI!!! I hope I get to know everyone well =)
  2. Hello Darkness :D Welcome To The Forums!
  3. Hi, welcome to EMC! If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. Enjoy your stay. ;)
  4. Hi darkness. Welcome to the Empire and the forums. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  5. Welcome to the Empire! :) Feel free to shoot me a PM if you need help or if you'd just like to talk.
  6. Welcome :D I remember showing you round the iron farm the other day ;) Happy almost 300 days btw
  7. thanx everyone your making me feel so welcome to the fourms thanx so much =D
  8. That's how we lure people in, by acting all nice...and then when they don't expect it...uh...well...we keep being nice and stuff.

    Wait...is that right? I can't believe we don't have some sort of evil plan or something...
  9. Welcome to the Empire! I think you're from smp4? I've seen you around :)
  10. Welcome to the Empire, Darkness! :)