Hi I'm Blenderbob089

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Today is the day when I finally join the wonderful server of Empire Minecraft. When I was first recomended this server, By Dragonlord645 I was amazed to see the numbers of plesures that it consisted of. Beutiful worlds, nice admins, and everything to make a nice server.
    I am here to be a help to the server and am willing to do just about anything. I helped with a 1 to 1 of the death star, I have played on the same server as notch, am 1/4 sweedish.

    I live to help a good server like this.

    Blenderbob089( P.S. do not call me Blenderbob089 call me Lucas)

    PEACE OUT:cool:
  2. hi lucas. welcome to the empire :)

    a 1 to 1 of the death star would be pretty impressive. did you need a special map to make that?
  3. You can't fool me George Lucas.
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  4. actually I did it wit about 5 other guys on Minecraft classic
  5. Oh really? you sound like such a nice person and I would love to meet you sometime
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  6. I hope you love it here at EMC!