Hi! I just started and already need help...!

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  1. Hey people! I got lucky my 1st time out and found a pack of wolves, which I have tamed... but I can't find any information on how to take pets back to my home town! If I teleport there, will they come with me? If not, what do I do? I see other people have animals at their houses.

    Thank you so much!

    PS I've only been playing MC for a couple of months & these are the 1st animals I've tamed besides horses :)
  2. My advice would be to eggify them and respawn them on your res.
  3. Right click them with a stick, which will put them in a spawn egg so you can take them home. This costs 100 rupees in the Frontier/Wastelands and is free in town. You can't do this with hostile mobs.

    Since you're new to Minecraft, I'll tell you that this is only a feature of EMC and doesn't work in vanilla.
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  4. Basically what jay2a said. Just right click the wolf with a stick, and transport them to town. From there, you can spawn them on your res and have as many as you want. :p
  5. You can also buy spawn eggs at a shop. I sent you some in the mail along with some other goodies. :)
  6. I believe the only way to take your wolves to town is to eggify them and then throw the eggs in a pen or your house and re-tame them. You can eggify them by taking a stick in your hand, and I believe left clicking on them. This will cost you 100 rupees per wolf out side of town, (free in town). I suggest taking two back to town and breeding them.

    Welcome to the Empire and enjoy your stay. :)
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  7. THANK YOU very much, it worked :) I owe you one!

    ... seriously, do you want a dog? Oh, and can the egg be traded to others & be tamed by them?
  8. and everybody answers before I can reply :) Thanks guys! If you like all 3 of you may have a dog :)
  9. Yes they can be sold or traded to others.
  10. Oh there's mail? How does that work? I'm sorry to ask so many questions right off the bat.
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  11. Do /mail to see if you have any and /mail get to recieve any items in your mail
  12. No Problem! Ask away!! There are plenty of great people here who will answer your questions! :)
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  13. Thank you Cfcdog13, that's a lot of dog eggs :confused:

    I tried to reply but it wouldn't let me type a message so I'll just say thank you here :)
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  14. No problem! :D