hi i have a problem

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  1. i got a problem with joining a world can someone help me. i can't get into the side smp5.EmpireMinecraft.com it stands this web area can not be showed in internet explorer plz can someone say me how i can join a world?:(
  2. So you typed in "smp5.EmpireMinecraft.com" in your internet explorer? From your words, that's how I interpreted it. If so, start up minecraft, go to multiplayer, click direct connect and type in "smp5.Empireminecraft.com".
  3. i go to direct connect but it says bad login
  4. Both of you are yourself?

    - Click "Add Server" button
    - Under Server name field put: "SMP5"
    - Under Server address put: "smp5.empireminecraft.com"

    Obviously, all the above WIHOUT the quotation marks = DONT put ( " " )
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