Hi, I am zanderboy!

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  1. So, I decided it is high time I did this! I have been playing on EMC since its very first month, as the 312 player to have joined! I am an obsessive Minecraft player, and gamer in general! I have three Minecraft accounts, I make custom skins, of which me and a friend are making a service, and eventually a business maybe, out of. I originally started it, calling it the "Creepy Skin Master". I have remade and reset my residence about a dozen times, starting from scratch every time. I currently have a Stone Garden, with a shop in the center selling mob goods, cobblestone and lava?water buckets. So why stop by, see the garden, and buy some stuff!

    Apart from gaming, I am currently in school to get my pilots licence, and I plan to become a commercial pilot when I am old enough and experienced enough. I also enjoy going out to the range and shooting with my brother and Dad, paint balling with my friends, and sword fighting with my brother. Though most people call me a book worm because you will almost always find me reading.

    So ya, that is me pretty much. If you see me on the SMP1 where I have been based in EMC the whole time, say hello.

    (P.S. I talk a lot to if you didn't notice from all this lol :) )
  2. About time! That is awesome about flying, do you plan on going into the military?
  3. Lol, I know it took along time for me to do this. And no, I do not plan to go military. I plan to go to work for a international company, taking people cross ocean in the big Boeing 747's and the such. Going military holds no appeal for me, and if I go civilian international then I will get to travel all over the world, seeing amazing places and getting great pay at the same time. Who could complain!
  4. Nice intro Zander! You don't really need a welcome as you have been here longer than most. :)

    Good luck with your piloting, sounds awesome.
  5. Thanks, and I hope my lessons go well to, my last two flights were cancelled because of bad weather :(