Hi i am Filos

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  1. hi as you may know from the title i am Filos and i am wanting to be a new mod. Not just to get the money r the name but to help the empire grow. So my point is everyone who reads this you probly think i am a fool but fear not i am no fool hopefully i wil one day be a mod and watch the awsome servers the empire has to offer grow to to the skys limets or the earth lows

    thanks Filos
  2. Glad to have you! What server do you play on the most?
  3. smp2
  4. Welcome to the server. Though I would like to point out that if you wish to be a mod you should fill out an application and then not mention that you want to be a mod haha. Also it sounds like you think they get paid... as far as I know they work for free. Anyways, hope to see you on though I play on SMP3 so I probably won't.
  5. yeah i did do the application and next time you see me on just give me a yell

  6. Welcome mate, sorry if this might come of a bit of a shock to you, but Jeremy and Justin get over 100 applications for Moderator a day, and even people who try really hard don't get it. Why don't you get stuck in some more (that's what she said) to the forums and server? Maybe show off some of your creations?
  7. Brilliant...

    Anyway, welcome aboard Filos!
  8. Thanks Barks, they come naturally :cool:
  9. Thats what she said...or something along those lines.

    EDIT: I'll stop now, I promise.
  10. yeah would i be able to do the applicatoin more than once and that wont get me baned or whatever
  11. i play on smp2 alot also, welcome to EMC!