hi , how to ask for bans?

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  1. Hi, just joined. looking forward to a good server.
    was enjoying my first hour. then got assaulted, burnt, and all my stuff stolen from me by echobase1.
    clearly against the rules, no? or am I missing some ultra-competitive theme at empire. didn't get that impression when I signed up.

    Anyway, is there a process for trying to getting mods to notice and ban? Would like to follow norms, not be a pita if this is normal, but would also like to eject bad apples as quickly as possible.
    would love to regain those rupees i spent on a diamond pickaxe that was stolen from me after 10 mins. sigh.
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  2. please start a conversation with a staff members by clicking on their name and pressing the "start conversation" button
  3. I am actually going to start one for you Q2... this is TOTALLY unacceptable in EMC.
    Do you know how to screenshot yet? We use the Function F2 and you can send them to staff for proof.
    One I start you a convo I have a few more questions so we can help you.
    Welcome to the Empire! It is MUCH better than this... :)
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  4. I under stand your frustration... i got robbed too but thats an old case and is closed... :(
  5. I have started you a convo with staff. Please come help us all catch up! Thank You
  6. We are coming out with a system in the next few days that will let you report someone in-game, alerting a staff member. This really sucks that people will do this, we will ban all players got doing stuff like this.
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  7. I have to go to work for a few hours but I will be here to help you when I get back if one of the other staff have not already. :)
  8. Short a staff member witnessing the event themselves, the best approach to reporting an incident such as this is with screenshots. It may seem counterproductive to stand there and press F2 to take a screenshot of the offender while you are burning alive, but it is really the only conclusive evidence which will allow us to take action. If you don't manage to get any screenshots though, at least try to catch their name so we can keep a close eye on them in the future, and take suspected incidents into account when they are finally caught.
  9. I under stand some compact key boards have a confusing f2 setup so you can also use the prnt scrn button... it doesnt actually pring your current screen but just takes a screenshot and leaves it on ur clipboard... Then all you need to do is paste it on a word document or paint.net or something like that and vwala you have evidence.
  10. what smp server was this on just so i can note
  11. Hi all, thanks very much for your responses. Sorry, I had to be out for a while. This was on smp6. Yes, next time I will dutifully take burning, suicidal screenshots:) --although I'm surprised that immediate switching of contents of inventories doesn't show up in the logs, but I guess that wouldn't necessarily prove anything.

    btw I did report via chat in game about it, hoping there was maybe a moderator around, but anyway...
    yes, I understand that there's nothing to totally stop it from happening, just wanted to get this person out asap. probably will strike again. it was pretty weird actually. I was in a small enclosed space, barely visible. Almost seemed like maybe there was a seek script for finding and teleporting to people with nice inventories to rob. perhaps.

    anyway, thanks again. any chance of a complete reset? no prob if not, just checking.
  12. You can always try hitting the Tab button in game to see who is on the server at the moment to see if a staff member is online